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About US
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About US

About US
We are a .net Software Consulting Firm.  
We are a Web Hosting Service.  We Host Websites, build Websites, and support websites in many industries.
We use CSS, HTML, C#, jQuery, Javascript in the applications we build and support.

All we do
We provide rich web based applications written with a rapid application software tool called Iron Speed.  Wayne Hussey is an MVP for IronSpeed where his knowledge and use of the product is incorporated into the improvement of the product along with other MVP's from around the world.  

Iron Speed can significantly save time and money by not reinventing the wheel every time an application is written.  It is designed to allow you to gain access to data, and edit it from the web.

Save Money
If you need something done fast, we can help.  If you care about saving money we can definitely help. Another positive of our IronSpeed built applications, it that the code written, always stays consistent.   We know that there are times, that Iron Speed cannot build some custom needs or requirements.  No problem..we code too.

So if your requirements are:

and Under Budget.  Please give us an opportunity to help.

Email Us at Simple and Smart Apps  Or call us at 503-913-6432