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Business Case
Business Case

Business Cases

Business Case 1.  
(Our Way)
Third largest non-profit hospital needed an online presence for their Hospice product line.
Another company was starting to take away some of their business line because they could provide an online catalog.  We were asked if we could build an online application with built in work flow in six weeks.  We were up for the challenge.  This meant that we needed to:
A. Learn and understand the requirements
B. Build the database
C. Build mockups
D. Build work flow
E. Build a unique Permissioning system
F. Go through QA and verification
G. Place into Production

This was a C# application.  Total Development time from Start to finish with two developers....6 weeks.
      3 weeks of actual work on our end.
      3 weeks of testing, proofing and training.

get out of the Crazy
A new shift in I. S. Management brought in new players.  This Web Application has been in production for two years, and was due for a phase two.  We figured on spending two weeks for the second phase.  Also, a note that this application only received two trouble tickets in a year.  

The new management decided that they didn't want the current model and struck out to rewrite again from scratch the entire application. As it stands today, they have had 4 full time developers working one full year as of this writing, and it still hasn't made it to the test environment.


This is exactly why our company is called Simple and Smart Apps.
Our thoughts are not to remove the Developer but to rather let them work on the Custom code applications that are not as suitable to Iron Speed and that of Rapid Application Development.

Business Case 2.
Customer had an access database with access forms.  It was on a network share.  The issue was that they couldn't filter and run reports that they wanted.  They were always getting locked out of the database and they couldn't access when they wanted.

We were able to create a new sql database, create a C# web application, permission with Active Directory permissions.  Import the data and was completed in 4 hours.  

So you can see that there is an easier and less expensive way to get from point A to point B.  

Let us help you get there.